Video Production Portfolio


Our Video Production Portfolio


Hire our video production company to produce your video in Seattle or anywhere else in the world. We’ve been filming in Japan, Chile, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina recently. If you need video, don’t wait, get it done now. We make it easy and provide a no-cost phone consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help. Get your video done in Seattle now with our videographers.

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Client: International Autohaus

Description: International Autohaus is an exclusive car dealership based in Bellingham, WA. They wanted a short promo commercial to promote the dealership online. We decided to highlight the natural beauty of the cars and it shows in the final product.


Client: YuMe

Description: We were hired by YuMe, a San Francisco tech company who brought their employees out on a team building mission to Seattle’s Blue Ribbon Cooking School. The objective was to produce a reality-tv style short video about the cook off between two competing teams from YuMe, together with their Head Chefs from the Blue Ribbon Cooking School who coached them into making some new dishes.


Client: Bellingham United Soccer Team

Description: Bellingham United is a semi-pro soccer team on the come up. They have a steadily growing fan base, and for good reason. Its great fun to attend a game because of the crowd experience. The owners of the soccer club wanted to highlight the fan experience and showcase the feeling of attending a home game in order to promote the Bellingham United ticket sales.


Client: Shade

Description: Shade is a Seattle based musician with a stack of interesting ideas about promoting himself and his music. When his good friend Wanz struck musical gold on the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis track “Thrift Shop,” he knew he had to get a video out for his collaboration track with Wanz called “Searching for Me.” Shade hired us to film this video in one day since Wanz was only in Seattle for 24 hours before heading to Australia on Macklemore’s tour.


Client: Red Bull

Description:  Red Bull needed a crew to film and produce a highlight video for the Seattle stop in its annual Red Bull Rivals tour. We took a crew out to Marginal Way Skatepark and captured the non-stop action that is skateboarding and turned it into a finely crafted story of the meaning behind the event.


Client: Lakeway Shopping Center Property Developers

Description:  We had the task of showcasing a newly remodeled shopping center on Lakeway Drive in Bellingham, WA. They needed a 30 second commercial to run on television and promote the upgraded offerings at the retail center. We presented them with a fast paced narrative detailing the various retailers.