Cooking with Lavender Video Series for eHow.com

Cooking with Lavender Video Series for eHow.com

This August we headed to Friday Harbor, Washington on the breathtaking San Juan Island for a video shoot. The location was Pelindaba Lavender Farm where we went to film 10 videos of Chef Anna Maria de Frietas for eHow.com. Anna Maria is the head chef at the Coho Restaurant in Friday Harbor. She designed a Cooking with Lavender Video Series which we shot in a few hours on a hot sunny day in the middle of the lavender farm. It was really fun to learn from a chef who I consider a “food artist” and see how she incorporated the lavender into the various recipes. We set up a tent to block some wind and sun and got to work. Over a few hours she was able to teach us her recipes for various delicious dishes. We used a Canon 5d Mark iii with the Canon 70-200mm f4 is and Canon 5d Mark ii with a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens to cover her recipes from good angles so the viewer can get a good idea of what they will be cooking.

Watch the video series on Cooking with Lavender that we filmed for eHow.com by clicking the links below.

Music Video – “Sacred” by MIC T

MIC T hired us to produce the video for his new song “Sacred” off his Can’t Appraise Priceless LP. We shot the video on our Canon 5d Mark iii with a 10 foot dolly track. The lenses we used were the Zeiss 50mm f1.4, Canon 17-35mm f2.8 L Series Lens, and Canon 70-200mm f4 is L Series Lens. The location was Gasworks park in Downtown Seattle, Washington on the North side of Lake Union. There are all kinds of cool structures left over from the old petroleum plant that used to be operating where the park is now located. We were able to bring out some of the unique colors and dark feel of the metal piping and feel like the video is definitely worth viewing.

Designer Furniture Galleries Cocktail Party

Designer Furniture Galleries in Georgetown needed a photographer to come shoot photos of guests for a cocktail party during a recent Design Conference in Seattle. We were there to capture the beautiful moments and wonderful high end interior design. The location is a beautiful place to visit. The lighting of all the different fixtures and colors of all the furniture really stand out. It was a unique experience to take photos from this meet and greet of world class design professionals.